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Chapitre 22: Le Ghana

Chapitre 22: Le Ghana

lundi 24 novembre 2008

Message for the native english speakers.

The working site is in the middle of a constallation of 30 rig sites or even more in an area of 80km long and 10km wide, all depending of the Koweil Oil Company who is producing oil. The roads to go in the site are private and you access in through a check point. Before the check point, all along the desert, there are small farms which are more like a shanty town for me with tires as fences and pieces of metals to make a park for sheeps. These farms have also a citern for water but no grass as they are in the middle of the desert. Every day, the farmer comes from Koweit city in his luxuous 4 wheel drive car and a small van comes as well filled with grass (imported from europe or the states, I presume). All along the road, and in the desert, garbage is thrown away, so the desert view is not as idyllic as you imagine and you are more likely to see blue plastic bags , rusted cars accidented or only dismantled and decomposed bodies of animals such as sheeps or camels. Yeurk. Far from the desert and the working site is the luxurious city of Koweit city with it's skyscrappers, motorways and huge suburbs and I share an appartment with a romanian collegue in one of these suburbs. The flat is situated 20km away from the center of the town and 100km from the working site. The client company borrows me a car, so I do the travel everyday of the week. And very often, we also take the car in the evening to go to Koweit city to eat in a proper restaurant, as in the suburb where we live, there are only kebabs restaurants. What strucks me in Koweit is the way people are driving and the number of accidents along the road and also the size of the cars. There are no small cars here, only huge limo or huge 4 wheel drive tanks with anti buffalo bars in the front. The petrol is so cheap here, less than 20 cents of euro a litter, that they don't mind using big petrol consumption cars. There are not so much big shopping centers in town, but we found one on an artificial island (Debbenhams shopping center) where you find everything you can find in European standards from the luxurious watch and haute couture clothes to the supermarket. Koweitis come in mass to this shopping center and you can see veiled ladies with their Christian Dior maquillage going shopping and getting very excited in front of clothes shops where you can find dresses at a price of a gold bar. I still have to find The Avenue Shopping Mall which is the biggest shopping mall in Koweit with Carrefour, Ikea and many restaurants and shops. In the city there is also a big bazar where you can find spices, cheap clothes and material to make clothes, but this bazar is mostly frequented by indians and you find Koweitis only on the area where they sell material for their traditional clothes.

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