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Chapitre 22: Le Ghana

Chapitre 22: Le Ghana

mardi 17 mars 2009

This one is a disgrace

There is almost 4 weeks that I am on the factory boat in Nigeria. The boat is not used to sail but to exploit oil and gas and is located at 180km from the coast south of Port Harcourt. The boat itself is 300 meters long 60 meters wide and almost 70 meters high not including the torch which goes much higher. It is fitted to have 200 persons on board with 100 rooms (2 persons per room) a recreation room, gymnasium, galley, and offices. During the construction period, there is not enough room to accept everybody, so a barge is connected to the boat and I live on this barge. The problem with the barge, is that one is a particuliar low standard barge, with 4 persons per room, no TV in room, no internet connection, an the recreation area reduced to the minimum and even less, because if you are a non smoker it is impossible to watch the only TV on board. Compare to other barges I was in, this one is a disgrace. In North sea, there was one TV per room, only 2 beds per room, in the recreation area it was possible to be connected to internet via wifi network, there were 2 TV rooms, 1 cinema and recreation room with darts and snooker. Here, nothing at all and living 4 weeks in these condition is rather long. Some workers are working 3 month without going home and I don't know how they can manage it, but they are mainly Philippinos and I think they need money more than us.

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